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Timestar Developments is a UK-based company specialising in the rapid design and development of customer-specific, bespoke hardware and software solutions.

The company has a track record of over 30 years and an impressive customer list including major UK and multinational organisations.  Nevertheless, we frequently undertake small design and development contracts.

We will work from a wide range of levels of specification, including very loosely defined requirements, where a pre-design input can be provided, assisting in the requirements definition process.

Contractual arrangements are usually fixed price but can also be arranged on a daily or hourly rate basis.

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Company History

The Company was founded as a sole tradership in 1986 and became Timestar Developments Limited in 1990.

Since then it has built up an impressive track record of successful projects and continues to add to an extensive list of satisfied customers in the Automotive, Energy, Scientific and other industrial sectors.

Previous Projects

Current and past projects include, under software and firmware development, both the creation of bespoke applications and the enhancement and modification of existing software, in application areas as diverse as communications, industrial monitoring and control, marine surveying, life sciences, and fire protection system operation and supervision.

Under hardware development, they include the design and development of custom hardware (standalone desktop units for research and demonstration purposes), special purpose plug-in cards, and specialised communications systems and industrial monitoring and control systems.

Several projects are turnkey solutions embracing both hardware and software developments, together with the associated project management activity.

Details are available on specific examples of projects, with durations ranging from days to years, classified into six sections, depending on the skills required by the project,

   ·  electronic design

   ·  embedded firmware development

   ·  PC software development

   ·  PCB design

   ·  unit design & build

   ·  combined developments

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Rapid design and development of customer-specific, bespoke solutions in electronics, firmware and software

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