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We have a great deal of experience in the design and development of a wide range of electronic

circuitry, covering analogue and digital devices, microcontroller based systems and PLDs & FPGAs

Below are a range of project examples containing some electronic design and development

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Contact Mat System - Sunderland University - Website.PDFContact Mat Monitoring System for Sunderland University

ECSD Test Equipment Development - Website.PDFTest System Development for Automotive Supplier

LCD Driver Board - Applied Neurodiagnostics - Website.PDFApplication-specific LCD Driver Board for Applied Neurodiagnostics Ltd

Aircraft Sealant Machine Monitoring - Website.PDFSealant Machine Monitoring System for Aircraft Manufacturer

Mezzanine Card - Queen's University Belfast - Website.PDFMezzanine Card Design for Queen’s University of Belfast

PCI FPGA Demonstration Card - DERA - Website.PDFDesign and Development of PCI card for FPGA Demonstration for DERA

Hardware Projects - Website.PDFOther Hardware Project Examples

Electronic Design icon

Electronic Design

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