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Rapid design and development of customer-specific, bespoke solutions in electronics, firmware and software

Deciding What You Want

When your requirements are evolving, or there appear to be several alternative approaches to meeting them, Timestar can get involved, usually on a speculative, pre-contract basis, in discussing and evaluating alternatives.

Because we have broad experience of both electronics and software engineering, we can often suggest alternatives (e.g. a hardware solution to what was seen as a software problem, or vice versa)


Timestar also offers chargeable consultancy services covering microcontroller-based systems, specialised communications requirements and other topics

Software Development

We continuously add to our range of software development skills, but at present they are summed up as below.

Languages - C, C++, C#, Visual Basic, PIC, 8051 family, and other Assemblers

Operating Systems / Environments - Windows (all varieties), MFC & .net developments, UNIX, MSDOS, OS/9

Specialisations - Real time data acquisition & control, 2D & 3D Graphics applications, Optimisation of compute-intensive tasks, Software interfaces

Hardware Development

We have extensive experience in the design of most types of electronic circuitry, including signal conditioning, data conversion, discrete logic, microcomputer design (including instruction set design), DSP, power supplies, battery powered designs and various types of PLD.

PCB layout of plated-through-hole, SMT (Surface Mount Technology) and multilayer boards is carried out in-house, as is prototype and small volume assembly and test.

Technical Documentation

Timestar will produce technical documentation to whatever standard you require, but as a minimum for software developments this will include clearly and comprehensively commented source code, and for hardware developments, schematics and parts lists.

Post Design Activities

Where required, Timestar will provide an appropriate level of post-design support, including telephone hotline and on site maintenance

If you would like to discuss your requirements, please don’t hesitate to contact us

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